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We have gained the trust of our customers and have contacts to many potential new employers. This means that we´re in a position to place you successfully in a variety of companies. We treat our applicants discreetly, with competence and personal attention.

We cannot change your qualifications, your professional experience or your creativity. However, we can do a lot for you. We place suitable candidates in a highly specialized and often fast-changing job market. We endeavor to offer our candidates optimal, impartial, and future-oriented advice. Only in this way do we develop a permanent and successful relationship with our applicants.

If requested, we will help you to analyze and assess your strengths, opportunities, and risks. We prepare you for important situations and help you to recognize and avoid behavioral slip-ups.

stelldichein offers candidates a reasonably priced service for designing and preparing their applications. Feel free to make use of a personal adviser to optimize your potential.

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Creative talents, high potentials, and young professionals: stelldichein knows the companies that are seeking your talents and abilities.
Please indicate in the online form if you are a creative talent (art director / copywriter), a high potential individual, or a young professional. Fill in your personal data and send it to stelldichein recruitment consulting.
You will meet one of our consultants who specializes in the needs of graduates. Working closely with you, they will draw up a personal career plan. stelldichein will open up professional opportunities for you to match your plans for the future.